How To Lower Blood Pressure In Minutes (Instantly)

Before I learned how to lower blood pressure in minutes there were stressful moments where I knew my BP had to be higher. Sometimes a series of events or a stressful situation is a guarantee to raise it. The next time your blood is boiling you’ll want to know, how to lower blood pressure in minutes?

Lower blood pressure in minutes by using the following 6 techniques:

  1. Calming drinks like hibiscus tea.
  2. Pressure points like the spirit gate.
  3. Breathing exercises like morning breathing.
  4. Targeted self-massages.
  5. Meditation.
  6. Warm healing baths.

This article will dive into all the details you need to know about each technique. The best part of these techniques is they work quickly, and you can do them without help. Using them is a great way to supplement your blood pressure routine.

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How To Lower Blood Pressure In Minutes

1. Calming Drinks

These drinks are refreshing, will calm the body and mind and are backed by science. It’s hard to find a better way to lower blood pressure than sipping on a drink. There’s no physical exertion involved and you can drink them anytime.

Try them reading a book, listening to music or while chatting with a friend. When it comes to lowering blood pressure instantly it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Hibiscus Tea: This herbal tea can be consumed either hot or cold and has a tart, cranberry-like flavor. It has anthocyanin and other antioxidants helping to prevent damage to blood vessels causing them to narrow.

A 2010 study from the Journal Of Nutrition found drinking hibiscus tea significantly lowered blood pressure as soon as the participants started drinking it 1.

In another 2015 study from the Journal Of Hypertension, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure were significantly lowered by drinking hibiscus tea 2.

Pomegranate Juice: This sweet ruby-red fruit is loaded with potassium and other heart healthy nutrients. Pomegranate has three times the antioxidant activity of red wine or green tea.

A 2017 study found drinking pomegranate juice improved systolic blood pressure regardless of how long the participants drank it 3.

How about green tea? You may have heard it’s good for BP. Find out in my article, Does Green Tea Lower Blood Pressure?

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2. Pressure Points

The human body has many pressure points, and many believe pressing on them can affect other parts of the body and improve overall health.

Using pressure points and acupressure are noninvasive and relatively a risk-free way to supplement treatments to help lower blood pressure instantly 4.

Spirit Gate Pressure Point: The spirit gate is found on the little-finger side of the forearm at the wrist crease.

Activate the point by pressing with the middle finger of the opposite hand for one minute. During the one minute take long, slow deep breaths. Feel free to take a short pause and repeat the activation a second time.

The combination of activating the pressure point and taking deep breaths will help calm the body within minutes.

3rd Eye Pressure Point: This pressure point is located exactly between the eyebrows on the curve where the forehead meets the bridge of the nose.

Using the forefinger or thumb, gently press the point for one minute and release. While pressing, take long, deep breaths which will help calm the entire body and mind.

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I wrote an article about pressure points which included seven more pressure points you may want to try out. Check them out by clicking here, Pressure Points For Lowering Blood Pressure.

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3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm the body and one of the best solutions on how to lower blood pressure in minutes 5. When there’s stress many people’s breathing becomes erratic, short and fast creating a feeling of being out of breath.

That feeling can bring on more anxiety and make things even worse including your blood pressure.

Deep Breathing: Try this breathing exercise while sitting, standing relaxed or lying down.

First, breath in slowly for a count of about 5 seconds. Then breath out slowly at the same rate for another count of 5 seconds. If it’s possible breath in and out through the nose.

Try this out for about a minute or so and you should feel your body move into a more relaxed state with normal, steady breathing.

Morning Breathing: Even though this breathing exercise is called morning breathing feel free to do it any time of the day or night.

  • First stand up straight with your knees slightly bent.
  • Slowly bend forward from the waist and let your arms hang loose down towards the floor.
  • Be sure not to bend too far over, go far enough where you are still comfortable.
  • Take a deep breath in while you slowly raise your body straight up once more allowing your head be the last body part to lift.
  • As you exhale return to the bent over position again.
  • Repeat for about 30-60 seconds, and you should feel the tension from your body disappear.

To learn more about how breathing exercises lower blood pressure, check out my article, Can Breathing Exercises Lower Blood Pressure?

4. Targeted Self-Massages

Self massage and massages are one of the most effective ways to calm modern life’s stress and to lower blood pressure instantly. It’s a great way to increase circulation, loosen tense muscles and stimulate nerve endings 6.

Self-Face Massage: This is such a simple and easy massage technique but it will do wonders for your stress.

By using your forefingers and middle finger of each hand make a series of tiny circles while paying close attention to your temples, forehead and jaw muscles. I think it’s best to start at the bridge of your nose and work outward over your eyebrows towards your temples.

Self-Neck Massage:

  • Start by using the forefingers and middle fingers of each hand to work tiny circles around the base of your skull at the top of the neck.
  • Feel free to wonder around from side to side and discover your sweet spots.
  • Then make a loose fist and tap lightly and quickly up and down the back and sides of your neck.

I absolutely love this massage, and it feels breathtaking, give it a try!

5. Meditation

Feeling stress or anxiety over anything can cause blood pressure to go up. The stress hormones and chemicals released will cause a temporary spike in pressure. They force the blood vessels to constrict making it harder on the heart.

In addition, this stress can lead to bad habits not good for blood pressure over the long run.

Some studies have shown meditation can lower blood pressure, anxiety and cholesterol. One such study concluded the participants who practiced mindfulness-based stress reduction had significant decreases in blood pressure measurements 7.

Try this simple meditation technique:

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Make no effort to regulate your breathing, just breath naturally.
  • Focus all your attention on the breath and how your body moves with each inhale and exhale.
  • Keep focusing on your breath without changing the pace or intensity.
  • If your mind wanders focus your attention back to your breaths.
  • Maintain this meditation practice for 2-3 minutes to start and then try it for longer periods when you get more advanced.

Meditation is one of the 35 ways to lower blood pressure in my article, How To Lower Blood Pressure. Check it out and learn more about the other methods including one which lowered systolic 17 mmHG naturally!

6. Warm Healing Baths

Many of us can relate to the relaxing benefits of unwinding in a hot bath after a long stressful day.

A growing body of research has shown passive heating, like spending time in a hot bath can reduce the risk of having a heart attack, improve blood sugar levels and even lower blood pressure 8.

Try these baths and tips to make your bath more relaxing:

  • Chamomile Tea: Yes, the actual tea! It calms the whole body and mind in a natural way. Add the tea bags directly to the bath water or steep it ahead of time and the pour the tea into the bath.
  • Oatmeal Bath: You can buy ready-made packets to add to the water. The oatmeal will give the skin a layer of protection moisturizing and softening.
  • Lavender Oil: Besides skin healing, lavender oil also has anti-anxiety effects and decreases premenstrual emotional symptoms.
  • Magnesium Epsom Salt: A classic your Great Grandmother probably swears by. The magnesium has a way to calm the whole body and the epsom salt reduces aches and pains in the muscles caused by stress. Dissolve a cup under the running water and allow it to perform its magic.
  • Improve The Mood: Turn off the lights and use scented candles. Pick your favorite soothing, soft music and play it in the background.

Related Questions

How To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately For A Test

How to lower blood pressure immediately for a test? To lower blood pressure immediately for a test:

  1. Take magnesium to calm the body.
  2. Take potassium to reduce water retention.
  3. Don’t drink coffee, caffeine or alcohol.
  4. Drink hibiscus tea.
  5. Get a good night sleep to remain more calm.
  6. Drink pomegranate juice.
  7. Show up early for time to relax.
  8. Perform a deep-breathing exercise before the test.

How To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly in an Emergency

To lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency:

  1. Call a medical professional and be guided by their advice.
  2. While awaiting medical assistance remain calm.
  3. Sit down in a cool environment.
  4. Focus on slow, deep breathing.
  5. Drink water.

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