Cranberry Juice For Blood Pressure

It seems most people don’t think about cranberries much other than around Thanksgiving time. Hopefully, that may be changing because lately people have been talking about them. Along with some other fruit juices, they’ve been asking me, should they drink cranberry juice for blood pressure?

Cranberry juice is beneficial for high blood pressure because it contains antioxidant properties, vitamins and fiber. These nutrients are known for their role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Cranberry juice has been shown in scientific research to lower blood pressure after the participants consumed it.

This blog post will dive into the details why cranberry juice has been effective for lowering blood pressure and how much. If you’re thinking about giving this juice a try, not all of them are beneficial for you and many of them should be avoided. I’ll let you know what type is the best for you.

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Cranberry Juice For Blood Pressure

One cup of cranberry juice contains the following nutrients ((NutritionData: Cranberries)):

  • Fiber – 20% DV
  • Vitamin C – 24% DV
  • Manganese – 20% DV
  • Potassium – 3% DV
  • Magnesium – 2% DV
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 24.2 mg
  • Vitamin E – 7% DV


Cranberries contain a high percentage of fiber which has been shown to benefit blood pressure. Past studies have shown an association between a lower risk of high blood pressure and a high fiber diet. A recent study found people lowered their systolic pressure by 15% after consuming a high fiber diet ((The American Association for the Advancement of Science: High fiber diet associated with reduced CV risk in hypertension, type 2 diabetes patients)).

A study researched 24 previous trials to examine the effects of fiber on blood pressure. They found fiber slightly decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The researchers concluded increasing fiber intake in people whose fiber intake was below average, may contribute to preventing high blood pressure1.

Cranberry juice made my list of 5 fruit juices beneficial for blood pressure. Find out the other four in my blog post by clicking here, Best Fruit Juice For High Blood Pressure.

Vitamin C

One cup of cranberries contains 24% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. The antioxidant activity helps prevent damage to the blood vessels. In addition, vitamin C helps to increase the availability of nitric oxide which helps to open up the blood vessels ((National Center for Biotechnology Information: Long-term vitamin C treatment increases vascular tetrahydrobiopterin levels and nitric oxide synthase activity)).

A John Hopkins Medicine study took a look at 29 previous clinical trials. The researchers found people who supplemented with vitamin C lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure ((John Hopkins Medicine: Big Doses of Vitamin C May Lower Blood Pressure)).


Your kidneys filter your blood and remove excess water from your body. The kidneys require a healthy balance of potassium and sodium to perform this function efficiently. If your body contains too much sodium or not enough potassium, there’s a greater risk of excess fluid ((National Center for Biotechnology Information: Time to Consider Use of the Sodium-to-Potassium Ratio for Practical Sodium Reduction and Potassium Increase)).

Excess fluid makes it hard for the heart and places more pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. Obtaining the proper amount of potassium is not easy as the American Heart Association recommends 4,700 mg per day ((The American Heart Association: How Potassium Can Help Control High Blood Pressure)).

According to Harvard Health low levels of potassium in the body have been associated with higher blood pressure levels. In addition, potassium has been shown to help relax blood vessels ((Harvard Health: Potassium Lowers Blood Pressure)).

The recommended levels of potassium and sodium may not be beneficial for you. This is so if you have kidney problems or perform activities where your sweat more than the average person. Always consult with a physician prior to changing your nutritional habits.


Magnesium can have a calming effect on the whole body including blood vessels. In addition, magnesium plays a role in regulating potassium and calcium both beneficial for your blood pressure.

A study which researched 34 past trials involving over 2,000 people found magnesium levels were associated with better blood flow. In addition, supplementing with magnesium was shown to lower systolic and diastolic BP in just one month ((Hypertension: Effects of Magnesium Supplementation on Blood Pressure)).

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What Kind of Cranberry Juice is Good For High Blood Pressure?

Cranberry juice good for high blood pressure is 100% cranberry juice unsweetened.

There are many kinds of cranberry juices available in the local supermarkets, but most of them are not beneficial for you. Many of them contain added sugar to improve the taste of the bitter cranberry.

In addition, added sugar increases the calories of the drink. If you’re having trouble locating 100% cranberry juice without added sugar, take a look at ones made by Lakewood on Amazon. They sell them in organic, regular or blended, cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice smoothie tip: To make up for the bitterness of the cranberry juice, add frozen fruit, instead of ice like strawberries and blueberries. This will improve the taste and make your smoothie more nutrient dense.

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Cranberry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure In Studies

In a study released in 2012, the participants drank low-calorie cranberry juice for or a placebo every day for eight weeks. For those who drank the cranberry juice, their blood pressure lowered from 121/73 to 118/70. The placebo group showed no change in their pressure2.

This study was funded by the company, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. They happen to produce and sell cranberry juice, therefore I’ve included more studies.

A recent review examined the impact of cranberries on gut microbiota and cardio metabolic health. In one study obese men drank cranberry juice every day for weeks and lowered their systolic BP by 3 mmHg ((National Center for Biotechnology Information: Impact of Cranberries on Gut Microbiota and Cardiometabolic Health)).

Another study involved 56 people who drank low-calorie cranberry juice for eight weeks. They were shown to lower diastolic BP 2.4 mmHg more than the group who didn’t drink the juice3. In addition, their systolic BP reduced from 122 to 119 mmHg.

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