Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Omron Gold wrist blood pressure monitor is a good quality product and easy to use. Most importantly, it gives consistently accurate measurements and is reliable.

Similar to other monitors, the display is difficult to read at an angle but it’s easy looking straight on. Compared to other wrist monitors, it’s difficult to find a negative.

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Omron gold wrist blood pressure monitor
My Personal Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon associate and eBay partner I earn from qualifying purchases.

Full Review

Omron Healthcare has been in business since 1948 and is located in Kyoto, Japan 1. They sell monitors, fitness trackers and other devices mainly targeted for home use.

They are a leading online seller of blood pressure monitors. When you search for monitors on Amazon or similar online seller, you’ll see plenty of Omron products 2.

Omron gold wrist monitor
Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Packaging

The Omron Gold Wrist Monitor, model BP4350, is surprisingly affordable and is one of their up-to-date models. The following is what’s included in the box shown on the right:

  • Monitor with the cuff already attached.
  • 2 batteries.
  • Carry case.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Quick start guide.

At the time of this review, I’ve been using the Omron Gold wrist monitor for over one year. It’s not a product I bought or borrowed for this review, I use it regularly. I have much to cover, so let’s get in with the review.

Omron gold wrist monitor display
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor

Quality & Design

The exterior is made of hard plastic and has very thin, sleek design. The cuff is your standard fabric which slides through a metal ring and secures with velcro. The monitor is lightweight and feels very comfortable when it’s secured properly.

The face of the monitor contains the following:

  • Display screen.
  • The power, start/stop button.
  • Memory button.
  • Morning average button.

The bottom side has the user ID selection switch to pick between user one or two. The bottom of the monitor contains the bluetooth connection button and the battery compartment which holds two AAA batteries.

Omron gold wrist monitor
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Choose Between User 1 or User 2

The display screen is a light grey background with black numbers. The background or numbers don’t have a backlight, so the display may be difficult to read in dim lighting. In addition, the numbers are difficult to read if you are staring at the display at an angle like in the picture below.

Omron gold wrist monitor display screen
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Staring at the display screen at an angle

Looking at the display straight on, like in the picture below, the numbers are very easy to read. When I’m measuring my pressure, the angle at which the monitor is at heart level, doesn’t enable me to read the numbers clearly. I only know my reading is complete because I can feel the cuff fully deflate.

Omron gold wrist monitor display screen
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: The same display screen as above but staring straight on at no angle

To be fair, other monitors have similar displays and it’s not a reason for me not to own the monitor. The display is my only con about the Omron Gold wrist monitor.

Con: The display doesn’t have a backlight, and it can be difficult to read when viewing it at an angle.

Features & Technology

Users: The monitor can track two different users 3. There’s a switch on the side which can be slid back and forth to pick user one or two. In addition, the display tells you which user the monitor is set to.

Memory and memory button: The monitor will store up to 100 measurements for each user. The app will store unlimited measurements per user with no limit. If you press the memory button on the front of the monitor, it will display your last measurement.

Each time you press the memory button, it will show the next oldest reading up to 100. After 100 readings the monitor deletes the oldest reading. If you press and hold the memory button for more than two seconds, the monitor will display your average BP reading based on the latest two or three readings taken within a ten minute span.

I prefer seeing my past readings on the app which shows your past readings in more detail. It will display them in a list and graph which I discuss more down further in the app section of the article.

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Omron gold wrist monitor heart guidance
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Heart Guidance

Heart zone guidance: Maybe one of the biggest errors users commits while using a wrist monitor is not keeping the monitor at heart level. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest reasons people claim wrist monitors are inaccurate.

The display has a heart which will light up blue when the monitor is at heart level. Above and below the heart is a line graph which shows you if the arm is lower or higher and moves as you adjust the height of your arm.

As soon as the heart light turns blue, the monitor will begin to inflate. If five seconds have gone by without achieving the correct wrist height, the monitor will begin inflating. I find it’s best to test and note the height of your wrist when it’s at heart level. Once you’re aware of the correct height, position your wrist before pressing the start button.

Some individuals may have a torso or physique untypical of the average user. If this is the case, the heart zone indicator may be unaccurate. If you find the cuff doesn’t appear to be at your heart height when it lights blue, this feature can be disabled and the person can use their own judgement.

Inflation: The monitor is ultra quiet when inflating. In addition, the cuff feels comfortable while inflated and the reading typically takes about 35-40 seconds to complete.

Omron gold wrist monitor cuff
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: The attached cuff and metal ring

Morning average button: This button is directly below the memory button on the front of the monitor. The monitor will display your average morning BP readings. It displays weekly averages for the measurements taken in the morning for the past four weeks per user.

Irregular heartbeat symbol: When an irregular heartbeat rhythm is detected two or more times during a measurement, this symbol will light up on the display screen. What does the monitor consider an irregular heartbeat? It’s a rhythm 25% less or more than the average rhythm detected while the monitor measures your blood pressure.

If this symbol continues to appear, Omron recommends consulting with your physician and follow their directions.

Movement error symbol: If you have excessive body or arm movement during a measurement, this symbol will appear on the display screen. If this appears, remove the cuff and wait two to three minutes and attempt another measurement.

Cuff wrap guide symbol: If the cuff is wrapped too loosely during a measurement, this symbol will appear on the display screen. If it appears, remove the cuff, wait for two to three minutes and attempt another measurement with the correct cuff tightness.

Omron gold wrist monitor accuracy
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Checking accuracy compared to my upper arm monitor


When it comes to any home monitor, upper arm or wrist, this may be the most important feature. What’s the sense taking your BP if it’s not accurate? False readings can lead you to believe something about your pressure which is untrue.

Wrist monitors have a reputation for being inaccurate. I can understand why and many wrist monitors fall short in this category. That’s what makes the Omron Gold a special monitor and why I have no problem recommending it.

How do I know? I’ve compared it to my Welch Allyn upper arm monitor many times. I’ve made comparison measurements, one after the other between the two under different conditions. I’ve exercised or drank coffee so my blood pressure would fluctuate and compared the Omron Gold measurements to the Welch Allyns.

The Omron Gold is consistently within 2-4 mm Hg of my upper arm monitor, In addition, I’ve taken it with me to the physician and had them compare it to their traditional sphygmomanometer device. They have found it to be similar to their measurements.

Omron gold wrist monitor bluetooth button
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Bluetooth connection button

Bluetooth and Phone App

The monitor has bluetooth connection availability to your smart device. I’ve installed their app on my phone and find it’s the best way to review and check my blood pressure history. The past measurements show up in a list or on a graph. The app is simple and easy to use.

The graph will display your last measurements by the hour, day, week, month and year. The measurements show up on the graph as dots. The graph is a little confusing at first but once I became familiar with it, it made more sense.

Omron gold wrist monitor phone app
Omron Gold Wrist Monitor: Phone app

Below the graph is a listing of your most recent readings which you can scroll through. It displays the date, time, your BP reading and pulse rate.

The app allows you to generate a report of your readings and either save it to your phone, text it or email it. The report allows you to select a 30-day range. The report can be forwarded to your medical office or physician.

If you took measurements without the app connected to your phone, it gives you an option to download those readings from the monitor. The next time you open the app and connect to the monitor, you can download them.

My Personal Usage Timeline After 1.5 Years

  • Condition: Excellent
  • Accuracy: Still Accurate
  • Durability: I haven’t replaced any parts, and all the features still operate like new.

I haven’t owned any other wrist monitor other than Omron. This monitor hasn’t disappointed me when compared to the others. When reviewing a product or asking others about their monitor, I always ask a particular question. If I could travel back in time, would I buy the Omron Gold wrist monitor again? My answer is yes.

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon associate and eBay partner I earn from qualifying purchases.

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( My Video Review of the Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor )

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