Home Blood Pressure Monitors For Large Arms

If you have a large upper arm, it’s crucial to measure your blood pressure with the correct size cuff. A cuff too small can result in false higher readings. A home monitor with an extra large cuff may be difficult to find prompting you to ask, what is the best home blood pressure monitor for large arms?

The best home blood pressure monitor for large arms is the Welch Allyn 1700 Series. The monitor has cuff size availability up to a 21.25″ (54 cm) large upper arm. The Welch Allyn 1700 Series is a high quality monitor, most accurate under adverse conditions and measures blood pressure in the fastest time.

If your upper arm is larger than 21.25″ this blog post will inform you of other monitors with larger size cuffs. In addition, I’ll tell you the proper way to measure your upper arm. Therefore, you can select the best monitor for you with confidence and less annoying product returns.

Welch Allyn 1700 Series Monitor: Check current price on Amazon: Check Price

Welch Allyn Extra Large BP Cuff: Check current price on Amazon: Welch Allyn 1700 Series Extra large BP Cuff

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Welch Allyn 1700 with extra large cuff
Welch Allyn 1700 Series & Extra Large Cuff

Home Blood Pressure Monitors For Large Arms

1. Welch Allyn Home 1700 Series Blood Pressure Monitor (My Recommendation)

The 1700 series comes with the standard size cuff, but the extra large cuff can be ordered separately 1. The cuffs can be changed easily within seconds. I’ve owned my Welch Allyn 1700 series for three years and store it with the cuff disconnected.

The following are the standard and extra large cuff sizes:

  • Welch Allyn 1700 Standard Size BP Cuff: 8.75″ – 16.5″
  • Welch Allyn 1700 Extra Large Size BP Cuff: 15.75″ – 21.25″

Even though you have to order the extra large cuff separately, there are advantages to this.

  • You’ll own two size cuffs covering a large range of arm sizing.
  • If your arm becomes smaller because of weight loss or another reason, you’ll already own the next size smaller cuff.
  • If more than two people with different size arms will be using the monitor, you’ll have both size cuffs available for each user.
  • The 1700 series combined with the extra large cuff may be less expensive than some of the other monitors that only comes with the extra large cuff.

Welch Allyn 1700 Series Features & Quality

  • Welch Allyn has been in business for over 100 years and is located in the United States.
  • Welch Allyn is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and blood pressure devices. Next time you’re at the doctor’s office or hospital, check to see if they have Welch Allyn equipment.
  • The 1700 series comes with SureBP technology. It’s the same technology used in their hospital grade devices 2.
  • In clinical studies, the 1700 series was more accurate under less than perfect conditions than other home monitors, including the Omron 10 Series.
  • The monitor measures BP while inflating. Therefore, it accomplishes it faster than any other monitor in approximately 20 seconds. In addition, it’s less time spent with your arm being squeezed.
  • The 1700 series display has a dark background with light colored numbers making it easy to read, even at an angle.
  • It contains bluetooth technology so it can be connected to an app on the phone or smart device. The blood pressure app can store unlimited BP readings for one user, contains charts and reports which can be sent by email or text to your physician.
  • 4 AA batteries are included.

Welch Allyn 1700 Series Monitor: Check current price on Amazon: Check Price

Welch Allyn Extra Large BP Cuff: Check current price on Amazon: Welch Allyn 1700 Series Extra large BP Cuff

I wrote a detailed review of the 1700 series. It includes all the features, photos and a video which includes an unboxing. You can visit my blog post by clicking here, Welch Allyn Home 1700 Series Blood Pressure Monitor Review.

If your arm is larger than 21.25″, my recommended monitor is the LifeSource Home Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-789AC) with a cuff size up to 23.6″.

2. LifeSource Home Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-789AC) – Runner Up

The LifeSource monitor comes with an extra large cuff only, but the medium and large cuffs can be purchased separately. The following cuffs are available:

  • Extra Large Cuff: 16.5″ – 23.6″ (UA-282)
  • Large Cuff: 14.2″ – 17.7″ (UA-281)
  • Medium Cuff: 9.4″ – 14.2″ (UA-280)

This monitor (UA-789AC) only comes with the extra large size cuff. The large and medium cuffs listed above can be purchased separately and are compatible 3.

The extra large cuff can only be used with this monitor. Therefore, you cannot purchase a less expensive LifeSource monitor and use the extra large cuff with it.

The other LifeSource monitors are not engineered for the extra large cuff. I verified this by calling their technical support number and by visiting their website’s blood pressure compatibility chart.

Check out the current price on Amazon: LifeSource Home Blood Pressure Monitor

LifeSource Home Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-789AC) Features & Quality

  • LifeSource is a division of A&D Medical which has been in business for over 40 years.
  • A&D Medical is a global manufacturer of advanced biometric monitoring solutions, including blood pressure monitors. Therefore, like Welch Allyn, you’re buying a monitor designed and engineered by a company who manufactures medical equipment.
  • It stores up to 60 BP readings in the monitor for one user only 4.
  • The monitor does not have bluetooth or a phone app.
  • The 4 AA batteries are not included, but it can operate with the AC adaptor included. I would purchase the batteries in case you want to measure your BP away from an electrical outlet.
  • A nylon carrying case is included.

3. ADC Advantage Ultra Blood Pressure Monitor (6023N)

The ADC Advantage Ultra comes with a wide range cuff for arms up to 18.1″. The following cuff is included with the monitor:

  • Wide Range Adult Cuff: 8.7″ – 18.1″ (850-6023N)

While 18.1 inches is not over 20 inches like the Welch Allyn and LifeSource, it’s larger than most standard and adult size cuffs. This monitor may be a good choice for someone with an upper arm size in the 15″ to 18″ range.

ADC offers two additional size cuffs which can be purchased separately:

  • Large Adult Cuff: (850-6022NX)
  • Small Adult Cuff: (850-6021NSA)

Check out the current price on Amazon: ADC Advantage Ultra Blood Pressure Monitor.

ADC Advantage Ultra Blood Pressure Monitor Features & Quality

  • American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is based in New York and has been in business for 35 years 5. ADC is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of diagnostic medical products, instruments and accessories for the healthcare industry.
  • Supports two users and can store up to 99 readings for each user 6.
  • The monitor does not have bluetooth technology but can connect to a computer device with a USB cable included. The data can be used with Microsoft’s Healthvault and then displayed on smart phone apps.
  • 4 AA batteries included.
  • AC adaptor included.
  • Deluxe storage case included.

Monitors for large arms is one of 18 topics discussed in my article about home monitors. Check out the other topics in the article and learn more by clicking here, Home Blood Pressure Monitors – Things To Know.

Omron Home Blood Pressure Cuffs

Omron is another good quality manufacturer of blood pressure products. They’ve been in business for over 70 years and located in Japan 7. Since they are the leading online seller of home blood pressure monitors you may be wondering, does Omron make an extra large blood pressure cuff?

Omron makes an extra large blood pressure cuff for their professional monitors but not for home monitors. Omron’s professional extra large cuff, model HEM-907-CX19, fits upper arms 17 to 20 inches in circumference. For home monitors, Omron makes a cuff to fit arms up to 17″ in circumference. 

You would think they would offer a larger cuff size for their home monitors, but they don’t as of yet. They would probably have to design a whole new monitor. It’s not as simple as making a large cuff and attaching it to an existing machine. The machine has to be engineered for that size cuff.

The professional monitors Omron manufacturers is approximately eight times the cost of their best home monitors 8. Amazon sells one of their popular professional monitors which comes with four different size cuffs, the biggest one fitting arms up to 20 inches. Check it out on Amazon here, Omron Hem 907XL Blood Pressure Monitor.

Home Blood Pressure Monitor For Large Arms (Not Recommended)

Blood Pressure Wizard

This monitor comes with two blood pressure cuffs:

  • Regular Size Cuff: 8″ – 16″
  • Extra Large Cuff: 12″ – 21″

I don’t recommend this monitor because it is not manufactured and sold by a manufacturer of medical equipment like Welch Allyn and LifeSource.

A medical manufacturing company like Welch Allyn, A&D and Omron, have tech departments which can repair, calibrate and perform other services. Having professional services available is crucial which cannot be provided by a supplier.

The company, Wizard Research Laboratories, is located in a private house located in Brooklyn, Ny.

Their website currently lists one product, a dry eye mask. On Amazon, they also sell ear plugs. It appears the owner of this company has their products manufactured for them overseas and then sold online. The phone number listed in the website is no longer in service.

I would only feel comfortable purchasing a home blood pressure monitor from a company with a track record of manufacturing medical equipment. If you would like to check out the BP Wizard on Amazon, you can click here, BP Wizard.

How To Measure Your Upper Arm Size For A Blood Pressure Cuff

This is a crucial step many people skip when purchasing a monitor 9. Some people automatically assume they’ll need an extra large cuff because they’re obese. Others may choose a standard size cuff because they’re an average size adult.

Some lucky people end up with the correct size cuff for them. If not, they risk false, inaccurate BP measurements. There’s nothing more annoying to have to return an item you just received. Avoid these common issues by choosing the correct size cuff.

To choose the correct size BP cuff, you’ll need to find out what your upper arm circumference is. There are many ways to measure your arm but only one correct way for this purpose. Therefore, how do you measure your arm size for a blood pressure cuff?

To measure your arm size for a blood pressure cuff follow these 8 steps:

  1. Use a cloth measuring tape.
  2. Wrap the measuring tape around your bare upper arm.
  3. The tape should be in the middle of your upper arm between the elbow and shoulder.
  4. The tape should be snug but not too tight or too loose.
  5. Make sure the tape is wrapped around evenly.
  6. Keep your arm relaxed and hanging straight down along the side of your body.
  7. Note the inch measurement and write it down with your blood pressure records.
  8. If you’re unable to do this easily yourself, use a family member or friend to assist you.


What size arm requires a large blood pressure cuff?

There is no one particular size arm requiring a large blood pressure cuff. If the circumference of your upper arm exceeds the size range of your current blood pressure cuff, you’ll need the next size larger cuff.

What is the largest size home blood pressure cuff?

The largest size home blood pressure cuff is the LifeSource extra large blood pressure cuff, model UA-282. The cuff fits upper arms with a circumference of 16.5″ to 23.6″

What size is an XL blood pressure cuff?

An XL large blood pressure typically has an upper arm size range of over 20 inches. Each manufacturer that makes an extra large cuff has a different size range. Check with each manufacturer’s website for their particular blood pressure cuff sizes.

If you’re wondering what happens to your BP measurement if your blood pressure cuff is not the correct size for your arm:

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